What happens next?


You get matched with suitable provider(s) 
Protecting your personal data is one of our top priorities so we won’t pass your details to companies who aren’t relevant to you. Instead, we’ll only put you in touch with those whose criteria matches your requirements. 

To ensure your needs are fully understood, a member of the CopierChoice Customer Care Team may contact you to confirm some details. Don’t worry, we’re very nice!


You get a call from the provider(s)

You should expect to get a call from between 1-3 providers, depending on your specifications. You are usually called within the next few hours or the next working day if your enquiry was outside business hours. If you don’t get contacted within a day, then it’s likely we were unable to match you to any providers at this time.



You get to discuss what’s important to you

You can discuss prices and ask any questions that you may have during the phone call with the provider(s). This is why we believe getting a personal call is much better than showing you a generalised price range that may not be relevant to you. 

OPTIONAL:  We offer a free quote review & advisory service for those who would like help with deciding which quote is best. As we are not supplier or brand affiliated, we can provide an impartial review & feedback with pro’s & con’s of each quote. After you have received your quotes, email them to the email below and we will respond with a report within 24 hours.

For any questions, please call us on 1300 801 808 (business hours only) or email us anytime: quotes@copierchoice.com.au

Please note that you may not receive any quotes if:

  1. The specifications you provided in the form are not eligible for the provider’s products/services. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in these instances.
  2. There is an error in the contact details you provided, such as an invalid phone number. Please complete the form again, providing us with valid contact details.


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Why can't you show me prices now?

We know prices are a key consideration when making a purchase decision. However prices vary depending on your specific requirements. You’ll very soon be speaking with our trusted providers who can answer any questions you have, including more specific pricing information.

Why do I have to fill out a form to get accurate prices?

Prices for busienss-grade copiers & printers are calculated on a case by case basis – not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In order to get a really accurate price, we need to ask you a few simple questions so that we can understand your requirements. This helps us connect you with suitable leading providers.

Where will my details go? Will they be secure?

Your privacy is very important to us and is taken seriously. We’ll only ever pass your personal data on to our trusted partners that we connect you with and you have consented to, to provide the service/product you have requested.

How do we make money?

When you submit a request and we connect you with relevant providers, they pay us a small fee for making the connection.