Wide Format Copiers & Printers

Wide format copiers and printers, also called large format printers, are specialised devices used to print large-scale documents and visuals, going beyond standard paper sizes, such as A4 and A3 used in standard office printers. These printers are essential for projects requiring oversized prints, such as architectural plans, engineering diagrams, banners, posters, and other creative and technical applications.

Wide Format Printing Technologies

There are many different technologies available for wide-format printers, including:

  • Inkjet: Using ink droplets to create detailed and colourful prints on various materials.
  • Toner: Similar to laser printing, toner-based wide format printers use powdered ink fused onto the paper.
  • LED: Similar to laser technology, LED printing uses light-emitting diodes to transfer toner onto the paper.
  • Solvent: Solvent printers use ink-containing solvents to adhere to materials like vinyl, plastics, and fabrics.

Historical Significance

Wide-format printing became prominent in the late 20th century as industries sought efficient ways to produce large-scale visual materials. It revolutionised architectural, engineering, and creative fields by offering a convenient and accurate means to produce oversized documents.

Specialised Use

Wide-format printers find extensive use in industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, graphic arts, and print bureaus. Architects and engineers rely on them to print blueprints and technical drawings accurately to scale. Builders use them for plans and specifications. Graphic designers and artists create attention-grabbing banners and posters. Print bureaus cater to various clients requiring large-format prints on diverse materials.

Print Media and Materials

Wide-format printing extends beyond standard paper. These printers can work print on materials like vinyl, canvas, fabric, and even rigid substrates like foam board or aluminium sheets. This versatility allows for creativity and diverse application.

Understanding Wide Format Sizes: Wide format printing involves sizes larger than A3 (297 x 420 mm). Here's a simple table to help you understand the various standard wide format media sizes:

SizeDimensions (mm)
A3297 x 420
A2420 x 594
A1594 x 841
A0841 x 1189
B2500 x 707
B1707 x 1000
B01000 x 1414