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A3  laser printers and copiers are devices designed specifically for printing and copying documents on A3-sized paper, which is larger than the standard A4 size. A3 paper measures 297 mm × 420 mm (11.7 in × 16.5 in) and is twice the size of A4. These machines can produce high-quality prints and copies on larger paper formats, catering to various business needs.

What is A3 Printing Used For?

A3 copiers and printers are utilised for a range of purposes in different professional settings, including:

1. Design and Graphics

Printing architectural drawings, engineering plans, posters, and marketing materials.

2. Marketing Collateral

Producing brochures, flyers, and promotional materials with more visual impact.

3. Presentations

Creating larger, more impressive presentation materials for business meetings.

4. Artwork Reproduction

Copying and printing artwork, illustrations, and photography.

5. Educational Materials

Print educational charts, diagrams, and visual aids for classrooms and training sessions.

Features and Benefits of A3 Printing

A3 multifunction colour laser printers offer the following key features and applications:

1. Large Format Printing

A3 machines can handle larger paper sizes, enabling high-quality printing of larger documents and visuals.

2. Precision and Detail

These devices excel in reproducing intricate designs and detailed graphics.

3. Visual Impact

A3 prints stand out and make a strong visual impact, making them suitable for marketing and presentations.

4. Creative Projects

Artists and designers can use A3 printers for creative projects, such as producing portfolio pieces or art prints.

A3 Multifunction Printers for Corporate Use

Many offices and businesses choose A3 printer scanners for reasons beyond the A3 paper size. These machines are valued for their robustness, advanced functionality, and versatile features, even if the primary printing requirement is A4-sized documents (210 mm x 297 mm). A3 devices are often preferred due to the following:

1. Durability

A3 copiers and multifunction printers are built for heavy-duty use, ensuring reliability and longevity in demanding office environments.

2. Advanced Features

These devices can optionally be configured with advanced finishing options, network integration, and document management features that enhance overall productivity.

3. Flexible Paper Handling

While A3 devices can print on larger paper sizes, they can also seamlessly handle A4 and other standard sizes, offering versatility for various printing needs.

4. Workgroup Efficiency

A3 devices are designed to accommodate the printing and copying demands of workgroups or departments, making them a practical choice for collaborative environments.

5. Cost-Efficiency

Despite their larger format capabilities, A3 copiers and printers can often provide cost-effective printing solutions, especially when considering their longevity and comprehensive functionality.

A3 Colour Laser Printers vs. A4 Colour Laser Printers: Which is best?

Differences with A4 Copiers & Printers:

AspectA3 Copiers & PrintersA4 Copiers & Printers
Paper SizeA3 (297 mm x 420 mm)A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
Print AreaLargerStandard
Visual ImpactHighStandard
Use CasesLarge visuals, graphics, presentationsStandard documents, reports, letters

A3 multifunction printers offer similar functionality to A4 devices, but with the ability to handle larger paper sizes. They include:

1. Printing

Producing high-quality prints and copies on A3-sized paper.

2. Copying

Duplicating documents, visuals, and graphics on A3-sized paper.

3. Scanning

Converting physical A3 documents into digital formats.

4. Network Integration

Connecting to office networks for easy access and remote printing.

5. Finishing Options

Some models offer advanced finishing features, such as stapling and booklet creation.

ISO 216 Standard Paper Sizes

SizeDimensions (mm)Dimensions (in)
A0841 x 118933.1 x 46.8
A1594 x 84123.4 x 33.1
A2420 x 59416.5 x 23.4
A3297 x 42011.7 x 16.5
A4210 x 2978.3 x 11.7
A5148 x 2105.8 x 8.3

Find the Perfect A3 Multifunction Colour Laser Printer for your Business Office with CopierChoice

In summary, A3 Multifunction printers offer the advantage of larger paper sizes, making them ideal for producing visually impactful materials, designs, and presentations. They serve diverse business needs and creative projects requiring larger format printing. Many offices and businesses opt for A3 devices not for the A3 size but for their robustness, advanced features, and versatility, that is available only on these devices.

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