Main Copier & Printer Brands Sold in Australia

When it comes to copiers and printers in Australia, a variety of well-known brands offer a wide range of options. Each brand brings distinct strengths to the table to cater to diverse needs. 

When choosing a copier and printer supplier, one factor to consider may be the brands and models they offer. Some suppliers specialise in a single brand, while others provide a variety of brands and models. Even though office copiers and multifunction devices might seem similar and offer comparable features, various manufacturers have their own different strengths. Your ultimate decision could be influenced by the specific features of a particular brand that align with your business requirements and preferences.

Here’s an overview of the leading brands sold in Australia and their key attributes:

  1. Canon: Canon is a trusted leader in both inkjet and laser printer technologies. They’re recognised for producing high-quality photo printers and versatile commercial-grade multifunction devices suited for both personal and professional use.
  1. Fujifilm (formerly Fuji Xerox): Fujifilm offers reliable and advanced printing solutions that continue the legacy of Fuji Xerox. They’re recognised for robust construction, cutting-edge features, and a strong dedication to quality and technology, particularly for commercial and business applications. 
  1. Ricoh: Ricoh is a leader in office printing solutions, offering copiers and multifunction devices tailored to business requirements. They’re known for high-volume, high-speed machines suitable for demanding work environments.
  1. Kyocera: Kyocera emphasises environmentally friendly solutions featuring long-lasting components to minimise waste. Their printers and copiers are known for their durability and cost-effectiveness.
  1. Sharp: Sharp is recognised for innovative printers with advanced display integration. They provide a range of office-focused multifunction printers and copiers, focusing on user-friendly designs and efficient operation.
  1. Toshiba: Toshiba provides a range of office printers known for their reliability and performance. They offer solutions for various business sizes and needs, with an emphasis on efficiency and productivity.
  1. Konica Minolta: Konica Minolta is a key player in the professional printing industry. Their printers and copiers are recognised for high-quality output and advanced features, making them a popular choice in the business sector.
  1. Lexmark: Lexmark offers a range of printers catering to business needs. They focus on efficient solutions with a reputation for durability and impressive print quality, especially in office environments.
  1. OKI: OKI specialises in printing solutions for businesses of all sizes. They are known for producing reliable and robust printers emphasising efficient workflow integration.
  1. HP (Hewlett-Packard): HP is a household name in the printer world, renowned for its versatility. They offer printers suitable for various needs, from affordable home use to advanced office models. Their strengths include a huge range, reliability, diverse connectivity options, and impressive photo printing quality.
  1. Epson: Epson stands out for its exceptional print quality, particularly in photo and colour printing. As pioneers in inkjet technology, they offer a range of printers known for vibrant and detailed output. Epson EcoTank printers provide budget-friendly and eco-conscious printing. Featuring refillable ink tanks, these printers reduce cartridge replacements and costs. 
  1. Brother: Brother focuses on providing reliable and budget-friendly printers. Their range includes laser and inkjet models designed for small businesses and home offices, often incorporating convenient wireless connectivity.