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The Best Large Business Printers

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In today’s fast-paced business world, the need for efficient and reliable printing solutions is paramount. Large business printers play a crucial role in meeting these demands, ensuring that businesses can produce high-quality documents, reports, and marketing materials.

However, choosing the right large business printer can be a daunting task, given the wide array of options available. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of large business printers, explore the types, factors to consider, and recommend the top models to make your decision-making process easier and more informed.

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Significance of Large Business Printers

Large business printers are the workhorses of the modern office environment. They are indispensable tools for producing a wide range of documents, from contracts and presentations to marketing materials and internal reports. The significance of these printers lies in their ability to handle high volumes of printing tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

In large business settings, the demands on printers are substantial. Whether it’s the legal industry, healthcare, education, or corporate offices, large businesses require printers that can consistently deliver crisp, high-quality prints, operate at impressive speeds, and seamlessly integrate into their existing workflows. Moreover, security and cost efficiency are paramount concerns. Hence, selecting the right large business printer is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic decision that impacts productivity, costs, and data security.

Criteria for Evaluating Top Options

Choosing the best large business printer necessitates a systematic evaluation process. To make an informed decision, you should consider several key criteria, each tailored to the specific needs of your business. These criteria include the following.

a.) Printing Volume and Speed

  • Determine your average monthly print volume.
  • Consider the printer’s pages per minute (PPM) rating to match your speed needs.
  • Large businesses require printers capable of handling high volumes efficiently.

b.) Print Quality

  • Evaluate the printer’s resolution, measured in DPI (dots per inch).
  • Ensure it delivers crisp text and vibrant graphics for professional-looking documents.
  • Colour accuracy is crucial for businesses relying on colour prints.

c.) Cost Efficiency

  • Calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO), including consumables, maintenance, and energy usage.
    Seek models with cost-efficient consumables to reduce per-page costs.
    Cost efficiency is a significant consideration for large-volume printing.

d.) Connectivity and Integration

  • Check for wireless and network connectivity options.
  • Ensure compatibility with your business software, including cloud services and document management systems.
  • Integration capabilities streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

e.) Security Features

  • Prioritise printers with robust security features, such as data encryption and user authentication.
  • Protecting sensitive business information is crucial in large business environments.

f.) Durability and Reliability

  • Investigate the printer’s build quality and durability.
  • Read user reviews and consider the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability.
  • Downtime can be costly in large business settings.

g.) Paper Handling and Finishing Options

  • Assess the printer’s paper handling capabilities, including support for various paper types and sizes.
  • Versatile finishing options, like stapling and booklet making, enhance document presentation.

h.) Multifunctionality

  • Consider all-in-one printers (MFPs) for comprehensive document management.
  • MFPs can print, scan, copy, and fax, streamlining office tasks.

i.) Environmental Impact

  • Evaluate the printer’s energy efficiency and environmental certifications.
  • Sustainable practices align with corporate responsibility goals.

j.) User-Friendly Interface

  • A user-friendly touchscreen or control panel simplifies operation.
  • Employees should find the printer easy to use, reducing learning curves.

k.) Budget Considerations

  • Determine your budget constraints and look for models that offer the best value within your budget.
  • Balancing cost and features is essential for large business investments.

l.) Long-Term Support and Service

  • Research the manufacturer’s customer support and service options.
  • Timely support and maintenance can minimize downtime.

m.) User Feedback and Reviews

  • Read user reviews and seek feedback from other large businesses using the same printer model.
  • Real-world experiences can provide valuable insights.

n.) Warranty and Maintenance Agreements

  • Review the printer’s warranty terms and the availability of maintenance agreements.
  • Warranty coverage and support can affect long-term costs.

n.) Future Expansion

  • Consider whether the printer can scale with your business’s growth.
  • Flexibility in accommodating future needs is essential.

Types of Large Business Printers

Laser Printers

Laser Printer Advantages

  • Speed: Laser printers are renowned for their fast printing capabilities, making them ideal for large-volume printing tasks.
  • Quality: They consistently produce high-quality text and graphics, ensuring professional-looking documents.
  • Durability: Laser printers are designed for heavy use, with robust components that can withstand the demands of a large business environment.
  • Toner Efficiency: Laser printers are more efficient in terms of toner usage, reducing long-term operating costs.

Laser Printer Disadvantages

  • Cost: Laser printers typically have higher upfront costs compared to inkjet printers.
  • Size: They can be bulkier, taking up more office space.
  • Limited Color Range: While color laser printers are available, they may not match the color vibrancy of inkjet printers.

Top Laser Printer Models

  • Ricoh MP 7503SP
  • Kyocera TASKalfa 6053ci
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub C750i

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printer Advantages

  • High-Quality Color: Inkjet printers excel in producing vibrant and detailed color prints, making them suitable for graphic-intensive tasks.
  • Compact Size: They are generally more compact and space-efficient.
  • Affordability: Inkjet printers often have lower upfront costs compared to laser printers.

Inkjet Printer Disadvantages

  • Speed: Inkjet printers are generally slower than laser printers, which may not be ideal for high-volume printing.
  • Ink Consumption: They can be less efficient in terms of ink usage, resulting in higher long-term operating costs.
  • Durability: Inkjet printers may not withstand heavy daily use as well as laser printers.

Why They Are Ultimately Not Especially Recommendable for Businesses

While inkjet printers offer exceptional color output, they tend to be less suitable for large businesses due to their relatively slower printing speeds and higher long-term operating costs. For businesses that prioritize speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, laser printers are often a more practical choice.

All-in-One Printers

Features and Benefits

All-in-One printers, also known as multifunction printers (MFPs), are versatile workhorses designed to streamline office tasks. They offer the following benefits:

  • Printing: High-quality printing capabilities for documents and marketing materials.
  • Scanning: Efficient document scanning and digitization.
  • Copying: Quick and easy duplication of documents.
  • Faxing: Fax functionality for businesses that still require it.
  • Document Management: Enhanced document management features, including secure printing and cloud integration.

Top All-in-One Models

  • Ricoh MP C8003SP
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub C558
  • Fujifilm Apeos C3060

Laser Printer Recommendations for Large Businesses

The laser printer recommendations provided below represent the pinnacle of printing technology for large businesses. These printers have been carefully selected for their exceptional features and benefits, all geared towards meeting the unique demands of large-scale printing and document management.

From the lightning-fast print speeds of models like the Ricoh MP 7503SP to the versatile paper handling capabilities of the Kyocera TASKalfa 6053ci, these laser printers are engineered to deliver peak performance under heavy workloads.

Moreover, their advanced security features, such as data encryption and secure printing, ensure that sensitive business information remains protected in a large business environment where data security is paramount.

The large touchscreen control panels of these laser printers, like the one in the Konica Minolta Bizhub C750i, make them exceptionally user-friendly, facilitating seamless operation by employees in large business settings.

In summary, these laser printers are not just printing devices; they are powerful productivity tools equipped to handle the rigorous demands of large businesses. Whether it’s rapid document production, stringent security protocols, or user-friendly interfaces, these laser printers are well-equipped to excel in large-scale document management and printing tasks efficiently.

Ricoh MP 7503SP

This model offers high-speed printing and advanced security features, making it suitable for the demanding needs of large businesses.


  • High-speed printing: With a fast printing speed of up to 75 pages per minute, it can handle large print jobs efficiently.
    Advanced security features: It offers data encryption, user authentication, and secure printing to protect sensitive information.
    Large touchscreen control panel: The intuitive interface simplifies operation and enhances user productivity.


  • High productivity: The fast printing speed ensures large volumes of documents can be printed quickly.
  • Data security: Robust security features help protect confidential information, crucial for large businesses.
  • User-friendly interface: The touchscreen control panel makes it easy for employees to use the printer effectively.


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(Image Courtesy of Ricoh)
(Image Courtesy of Kyocera)

Kyocera TASKalfa 6053ci

Known for its robust paper handling and high-speed printing capabilities, this Kyocera model is ideal for large businesses with heavy printing requirements.


  • Robust paper handling: It supports a wide range of paper types and sizes, including large-format printing, and offers various finishing options.
  • High-speed printing: Capable of handling demanding printing tasks with speeds of up to 60 pages per minute.
  • Advanced document management: It includes powerful scanning and document distribution features.


  • Versatility: The printer’s ability to handle various paper types and sizes makes it suitable for diverse business needs.
  • Efficient performance: High-speed printing ensures that large print jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Streamlined workflows: Advanced document management features enhance productivity and document handling.


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Konica Minolta Bizhub C750i

The Bizhub C750i offers exceptional colour output, versatile finishing options, and advanced connectivity, making it a strong choice for large business environments.


  • Exceptional colour output: Delivers high-quality colour prints with precise colour accuracy.
  • Versatile finishing options: Offers a range of finishing options, including booklet making and stapling.
  • Advanced connectivity: Supports mobile printing and integrates seamlessly with cloud services.


  • Impressive colour quality: Ideal for businesses that require professional-looking marketing materials and presentations.
  • Enhanced document finishing: Versatile finishing options add a professional touch to printed materials.
  • Accessibility and flexibility: Mobile printing and cloud integration improve workflow flexibility and productivity.


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(Image Courtesy of Konica Minolta)
(Image Courtesy of Sharp)

Sharp BP70C65

With its high-quality colour printing and versatile features, the Sharp BP70C65 is suitable for large businesses needing colour printing without compromising on quality.


  • High-quality colour printing: Delivers vibrant and sharp colour output.
  • Versatile paper handling: Supports a wide range of media types and sizes.
  • Advanced security: Offers secure print release and user authentication.


  • Professional colour: Perfect for large businesses needing high-quality colour prints for marketing materials.
  • Media versatility: Accommodates various paper types and sizes, making it versatile for different print jobs.
  • Data security: Enhanced security features protect sensitive documents.


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This Canon model combines laser technology with business-class features, including secure printing and cloud integration, making it a versatile choice for large businesses.



  • Laser technology: Combines the benefits of laser technology with business-class features.
  • Secure printing: Offers secure document release and user authentication.
  • Cloud integration: Easily integrates with popular cloud storage and document management systems.



  • Versatile and efficient: Suitable for large businesses needing efficient colour printing and document management.
  • Enhanced security: Protects confidential documents with secure printing and user authentication.
  • Cloud connectivity: Streamlines workflows by enabling direct printing from cloud storage.


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(Image Courtesy of Canon)
(Image Courtesy of Toshiba)

Toshiba e-STUDIO 5525AC

The e-STUDIO5252AC offers a balance of laser efficiency and enterprise-level features, making it a cost-effective choice for large businesses with diverse printing needs.


  • Efficient laser printing: Combines laser efficiency with enterprise-level features.
  • Versatile finishing options: Provides various finishing choices for professional-looking documents.
  • Cloud connectivity: Integrates with cloud services for easy document access and management.


  • Cost-effective colour printing: Ideal for large businesses looking to save on colour printing costs.
  • Enhanced document finishing: Versatile finishing options enhance the professional quality of printed materials.
  • Cloud integration: Simplifies document access and sharing in a large business environment.


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Multifunction (MFD, MFP) Printer Recommendations with Stand-Out Features for Large Businesses

These multifunction printer recommendations offer exceptional features and benefits that cater to the specific needs of large businesses. From advanced scanning capabilities to versatile finishing options and robust security features, they are well-equipped to handle the demands of large-scale document management and printing tasks efficiently.

Ricoh MP C8003SP

This Canon model combines laser technology with business-class features, including secure printing and cloud integration, making it a versatile choice for large businesses.

This model stands out with its high-resolution scanning and customizable user interface, making it an excellent choice for large businesses requiring advanced document management.



  • High-resolution scanning: Offers exceptional scanning quality, ideal for capturing detailed documents.
  • Customizable user interface: Allows businesses to tailor the interface for efficient workflow management.
  • Advanced security features: Ensures document confidentiality through user authentication and data encryption.



  • Superior scanning: High-resolution scanning capabilities are essential for preserving document quality in large businesses.
  • Tailored workflows: Customizable user interface streamlines operations and enhances productivity.
  • Data protection: Advanced security features safeguard sensitive information, a critical aspect for large enterprises.


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(Image Courtesy of Ricoh Philippines)
(Image Courtesy of Konica Minolta US)

Konica Minolta Bizhub C558

The Bizhub C558 offers versatile finishing options and robust mobile printing support, enhancing productivity and flexibility in large business settings.


  • Versatile finishing options: Offers a range of finishing options, including booklet making, folding, and stapling.
  • Robust mobile printing support: Enhances productivity by enabling employees to print from mobile devices.
  • Cloud integration: Seamlessly integrates with cloud services for convenient document access and sharing.


  • Professional document finishing: Versatile finishing options add a polished look to printed materials, crucial for large businesses.
  • Mobile flexibility: Mobile printing support enhances workplace flexibility and productivity.
  • Streamlined document management: Cloud integration simplifies access to and sharing of documents across the organisation.


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Fujifilm Apeos C3060

With its advanced document handling and efficient scanning capabilities, the Fujifilm Apeos C3060 is a strong contender for large businesses looking for all-in-one printers with exceptional document management features.


  • Advanced document management: Offers efficient document handling and distribution features.
  • Efficient scanning capabilities: Enhances productivity with fast and accurate scanning.
  • Secure printing: Protects confidential documents through user authentication and secure print release.


  • Streamlined document workflows: Advanced document management features simplify processes in large business settings.
  • Rapid scanning: Efficient scanning capabilities save time and resources for large-volume scanning tasks.
  • Document security: Enhanced security features ensure sensitive data remains confidential.


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(Image Courtesy of FUJIFILM)

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Printer for Your Business Needs

Selecting the best large business printer requires a blend of careful evaluation and an understanding of your organisation’s workflow. Consider your printing volume, speed requirements, print quality expectations, and long-term operating costs. It’s also crucial to ensure that the chosen printer integrates seamlessly into your existing network and software environment.

The process of selecting the best large business printer also involves careful consideration of various factors, including printing volume, speed, print quality, cost efficiency, and connectivity options. Laser printers, known for their speed, durability, and cost-effectiveness, are a solid choice for large businesses. In contrast, inkjet printers, while offering exceptional colour output, may not meet the speed and cost-efficiency requirements of large-scale printing.

All-in-One printers, such as the Ricoh MP C8003SP and Konica Minolta Bizhub C558, offer comprehensive document management features that streamline office tasks, making them invaluable assets for large businesses.

In the end, the best large business printer for your organisation will strike a balance between meeting your printing needs and aligning with your budgetary and efficiency goals. By following the criteria outlined in this guide and carefully considering your business’s unique requirements, you can confidently select a printer that enhances productivity, reduces costs, and contributes to the overall success of your enterprise.

We hope this guide has been helpful. To learn more about the printers that we recommend for large businesses, please contact us or get copier and printer quotations today. We would be happy to help you choose the right printer for your needs.

FAQ: How to Choose the Best Large Business Printer

It’s crucial to match the paper handling capacity with your office’s printing needs. Evaluate the maximum paper size, tray capacity, and whether it supports different paper types.

Yes, many large business printers offer manual feed options or additional trays for handling specialty media, ensuring versatility in your printing tasks.

The duty cycle indicates the printer’s recommended monthly workload. It’s essential to choose a printer with a duty cycle higher than your office’s average monthly print volume to avoid wear and tear.

Yes, routine maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Some tasks like changing toner/ink can be done in-house, but professional servicing may be needed periodically to extend the printer’s lifespan.

Service contracts can be beneficial as they provide regular maintenance, repairs, and technical support. Assess your office’s needs and budget to determine if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Look for ENERGY STAR-certified models and printers with energy-saving features like sleep modes and automatic power-off. Adjust settings to minimise energy consumption during idle periods.

Yes, many modern printers offer cloud connectivity options, allowing you to print documents directly from cloud storage and integrate with popular document management platforms.

Yes, secure mobile printing solutions, such as mobile apps and authentication methods, can ensure that confidential documents are printed securely from mobile devices.

Large business printers can last 5-7 years or more with proper maintenance. Consider upgrading when repair costs become frequent, or new models offer significant improvements in efficiency or features.

Yes, many manufacturers prioritise eco-friendliness by using recyclable materials, reducing energy consumption, and offering recycling programs for consumables. Look for eco-certifications like EPEAT when choosing a printer.

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